Precision concrete cutting with safety in mind

Worried about cracking walls, hidden pipes, and budget-busting surprises? Cutting concrete shouldn’t be a gamble. That’s why Cascade Concrete brings precision, peace of mind, and flawless results to Puyallup homeowners and contractors alike.

As licensed and bonded experts, every project we undertake is guided by an unwavering commitment to protecting our team, your property, the job site, and everyone around.


Experienced and prompt general contractors

Forty years of experience solving concrete problems has made Cascade the go-to for challenging jobs. When things aren’t ordinary, and precision is key, people turn to us for our innovative equipment, skilled operators, and reliability.

We serve any size business or home in Western Washington, from Olympia to Bellevue, in need of concrete services and solutions.

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Leading concrete cutting services in Puyallup

Our leading concrete cutting services and coring solutions can save you time and money by quickly diagnosing the problem and fixing it. It doesn’t matter how big or small your project is.

We have over forty years of experience being:

  • Locally-owned
  • A cut above the rest in quality workmanship
  • Pierce County’s go-to concrete and asphalt cutting experts

Solutions for every concrete project

Concrete Sawing: Get clean cuts through concrete driveways, patios, curbs and more. We’ve got the saws to make it happen.
Concrete & Asphalt Drilling: Need precise holes? We’ve got the drills (and the skills) to make it happen.
Wall & Slab Sawing: Walls and slabs, no problem! We’ll cut them clean and smooth.
Core Drilling: Need a perfect circle? Our core drills are bullseye-accurate.
Demolition Services: Time to demolish that old eyesore? We’ll handle it with precision and minimal mess.

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Serving the Greater Puget Sound and surrounding areas


Here’s the drill

You need your project to go smoothly and safely without breaking the bank. So here’s the drill:

  1. Tell us about your concrete cutting needs
  2. Our expert concrete contractors assess and give you creative solutions
  3. All your concrete problems are solved


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How soon can you be here to work?

We understand the urgency of completing a project efficiently and promptly, especially when you’re in a time crunch. While our schedule may be booked a week or more in advance, we go the extra mile to accommodate your timeline and keep your project on schedule.


How long does it take for you to complete a project?

This depends on the complexity and size of your project. That’s why we recommend getting a customized quote from our specialists.


What sets Cascade Concrete apart in terms of customer service?

At Cascade Concrete, excellent customer service is a core value that drives every interaction. From the initial phone call to the completion of your project and the receipt of your invoice, we prioritize respect, courtesy, and assistance. We provide detailed estimates and offer flexible scheduling options. If, for any reason, we cannot fulfill a request, we are committed to presenting alternative solutions. We take pride in the timely execution of our work and always appreciate the opportunity to assist, ensuring your satisfaction is what keeps us thriving in business.