Residential Concrete Sawing

In the past, homes were constructed mostly of wood and a little concrete mainly for the footings and foundations.

Today, concrete is becoming a more and more common building material, commonly used for not only footings and foundations, but also in walls and slab flooring. That means remodeling jobs will often run into a concrete wall. Literally! We can help by safely removing the barrier to your dream project.


Residential Decorative Tile Sawing

Decorative tile sawing is an economical way to create tile looking floors out of normal concrete slab floors, which can then be stained or left natural. Cascades sawing technicians can cut almost any pattern and give your floors a fresh new look!


Residential Concrete Drilling

We can help with residential projects that require openings in concrete, such as:

  • A window or door cut into a basement wall
  • Adding plumbing or electrical trench lines in a concrete floor
  • Cutting for the installation of a French drain
  • Cutting out for new footings
  • Putting in a new dryer vent or foundation vent in a concrete wall