When you need precise vertical or horizontal cuts in concrete, wall sawing is the way you want to go.

The problem is that doing it yourself will take precious time and energy–not to mention the cost of acquiring the sawing equipment and mastering the sawing technique. Power tools in the hands of amateurs can often spell trouble.

Cascade Concrete Sawing & Drilling provides precision wall sawing to quickly cut precise openings for doorways and other fixtures. We provide wall sawing for residential and commercial uses such as bathrooms, basements or hard to access areas. Spare yourself the headache of trying to do it yourself by bringing in the professional concrete cutters your job deserves.

We are full-service contractors providing a broad range of wall sawing services including:


Wire Sawing

Sometimes materials are too tough, too thick or too large for conventional cutting techniques. Other times space is limited. In either case, wire sawing has become the substituted technique of choice.

Wire sawing is just like it sounds: instead of a traditional saw blade, a thin steel wire is wrapped around an object and run through pulleys at high speeds to make precise cuts. Picture a paper cut for concrete (and much less painful for you). It’s the latest in concrete cutting technology and offers an accurate way to cut larger sections of concrete and steel.

It can be done in confined spaces and along sides of the wall. There is basically no limit to the depth that can be cut. Plus, the noise level is reduced considerably over the use of conventional sawing methods.

Advantages of the Wire Saw:

  • Allows for mass concrete removal without breakage while minimizing damage to structure
  • Quieter concrete cutting
  • Confined space wire sawing
  • Unlimited concrete structure sawing
  • Leaves a smooth cutting surface
  • Cuts through heavy rebar & embedded steel
  • No vibrations


Bevel Cut Concrete

Sometimes you’re required to cut concrete at a particular angle–also known as a bevel cut. In these cases you don’t just want to make a straight cut. You want to make it at exactly the correct angle.

Bevel cut concrete has both aesthetic and practical value. It’s a valuable technique used in the trades for applications such as:

  • Installing plumbing
  • Drainage
  • Footers
  • Beveling the tops of concrete columns
  • Bevel cut concrete walls


Concrete Wall Sawing FAQs

What is concrete wall sawing?
Concrete wall sawing typically uses a track mounted diamond blade saw to cut openings in the side of a wall. It’s used to make precise cuts for doorways and other fixtures.

What is the purpose of concrete wall sawing?
Wall sawing creates the space on vertical surfaces (i.e. walls) for doorways, window openings, hvac units, etc. It can be done in confined spaces where larger equipment can’t be used. It allows for more precise cuts than standard jackhammering techniques.

What is the best way to cut a concrete wall?
It requires track mounting, a special diamond blade saw on the wall. Then run the saw for a specified length along the wall. If you rent a saw, beware of high blade-wear charges.

What is the difference between slab sawing and wall sawing?
Slab sawing involves cutting a horizontal surface–or “slab”–while wall sawing involves cutting vertical walls. Slab sawing involves a walk-behind saw machine while wall sawing uses a track mounted saw.

What is the difference between wire sawing and wall sawing?
Wire sawing utilizes a thin steel wire to make precise cuts–rather than a traditional saw blade. The wire is wrapped around the object to be cut and run through a system of pulleys at high speeds. Wire sawing is often used for unique concrete formations that wall sawing can’t effectively cut.

Which cities does Cascade Concrete offer wall sawing services?
While our main office is located in Federal Way, we serve the Puget Sound and the western Washington area including Bellevue, Federal Way, Kent, Olympia, Puyallup, Seattle and Tacoma.


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