When you need precise vertical or horizontal cuts in concrete, wall sawing is the right choice.  Wall sawing creates openings for doorways, windows, air conditioning and ventilation units and can be done in confined spaces where larger equipment can’t be used.

Cascade Sawing and Drilling provides precision wall sawing, to quickly and accurately cut openings for doorways and other fixtures. Doing this yourself will take time and energy. We provide wall sawing for residential and commercial uses such as bathrooms, basements or hard to access areas.

We are a full-service contractor providing a broad range of wall sawing services including:


Wire Sawing

Wire sawing is the latest in concrete cutting technology and offers an accurate way to cut larger sections of concrete and steel. It can be done in confined spaces and there is basically no limit to the depth that can be cut. Plus, the noise level is reduced considerably over the use of conventional breaking methods.

When materials are too tough, too thick or too large for conventional cutting techniques or space is limited, wire sawing has become the substituted technique of choice. 

Advantages of the Wire Saw:

  • Allows for mass concrete removal without breakage while minimizing damage to structure
  • Quieter concrete cutting
  • Confined space wire sawing
  • Unlimited concrete structure sawing
  • Leaves a smooth cutting surface
  • Cuts through heavy rebar & embedded steel
  • No vibrations


Corner-cut Sawing

Corner-cut sawing is useful for bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels and commercial uses, where overcuts aren’t practical or aesthetic because it ensures your trim and molding have a good fit to your walls. Without corner-cut sawing, outside corners will look uneven, but with it, you will have a beautiful result.

Advantages of corner-cut sawing:

  • Provides a good fit for wall corners
  • Gives a good flow to wood patterns


Bevel Cut Concrete

Bevel cut concrete is a valuable technique used in the trades for applications such as:

  • Installing plumbing
  • Drainage
  • Footers
  • Beveling the tops of concrete columns
  • Bevel cut concrete walls