Concrete Wire Sawing Is What We Do

Ever need to cut a wall but without disturbing concrete structures? Or precision cutting in a tight space? Then you might need a wire saw. And if you’ve ever done concrete cutting on your own, you know it’s no easy task. From cutting through rebar to using the correct sawing technique—it takes a seasoned pro to get the job done right.

At Cascade Concrete Sawing and Drilling, saw cutting and drilling is what we do. Whether we’re core drilling for HVAC or wire sawing thick sections of concrete, we provide a wide variety of drilling and cutting services to suit your needs. And in this blog, we’ll focus on wire sawing—what it is, how it’s used, and the benefits it offers.


So, What Is Concrete Wire Sawing Anyway?

A more recent cutting technology, wire saws differ from a traditional saw in that they don’t use a saw blade; they use a thin wire spun around a system of pulleys. The wire cuts into the concrete as it spins rapidly around the pulleys, cutting with impressive accuracy. Because of their pinpoint precision, wire saws have become a go-to for concrete cutting contractors everywhere for a wide variety of uses, from construction projects to demolition services.


What Is Wire Sawing For?

Wire saws are generally useful, but they excel in certain situations. If the area is constricted and difficult to reach with a regular saw, a wire saw may be the right choice. The contractors can secure the pulleys in place and control the saw from a different location on-site, making it easier and more efficient for the contractors.

Wire saws are also an excellent choice for especially thick concrete. These saws can effectively cut through virtually any thickness, which certainly adds to their appeal. Add to the picture that wire saws can cut underwater, and we have a solid winner in the world of precision concrete cutting.


Benefits of Concrete Wire Sawing

We love any saw that can cut through concrete, but there are a few things that make wire saws a cut above the rest:

  • Precise cuts. Because the wire can be quite thin, the precision you can achieve with a wire saw makes it an excellent choice for many construction and demolition projects, where accuracy is vitally important.
  • Deeper cuts. Wire saws are known for their ability to cut through just about any thickness, allowing the cuts to be deeper than other types of sawing equipment.
  • Safer. It’s important to handle any concrete cutting project with care, but wire saws are quite safe, since the operator can be away from the actual cutting.
  • Quieter. Wire saws are quieter and have less vibration than traditional saws. Win-win!
  • Cuts almost anything. Got rebar-reinforced concrete? Wire saws can handle that. Steel structure? Yep. Those, too.


What Is Wire Sawing For?

It goes without saying that safety is vitally important on any project. We don’t recommend that you DIY a concrete cutting project. At Cascade Concrete, we’ve worked tirelessly for many years to master safety protocols and proper cutting technique. We urge you to leave the dangerous stuff—like diamond wire sawing—to the professionals.


A Job Well-Done, on Time

We love what we do, from wall sawing to core drilling. Does your project need concrete sawing or drilling? At Cascade Concrete, we have the tools, expertise, and grit to do your concrete cutting job. Contact us today—we’d love to help you with your project.