Slab Sawing for Floors, Decks and Pavement in SeaTac


Are you looking for efficient and affordable exterior slab sawing services in SeaTac, WA? Your search ends with Cascade Concrete Sawing & Drilling! As a prominent concrete and asphalt cutting company, we have been in business since 1980.

We specialize in concrete slab sawing, also called flat sawing. We are the experts to hire for cutting through all types of flat, horizontal concrete surfaces, including:

  • Floors
  • Pavements
  • Bridge decks
  • Patios and pool decks
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways

No exterior slab sawing job in SeaTac is too small to interest us or too big for us to handle successfully. We take pride in our work and handle all kinds of flat sawing projects with the utmost sincerity, professionalism, and commitment to quality. You can count on us to cut your concrete surface with precision, matching your exact specifications.

Flat Sawing for Concrete Repair, Removal or Construction in SeaTac


Flat sawing is not a job to be entrusted to untrained and inexperienced hands. The work demands high skills and great diligence, as a wrong cut could adversely affect the related concrete construction, repair, or removal project. Moreover, a careless approach to the job can even create safety issues on the job site.

Ensure your peace of mind and accuracy in your concrete project by hiring no one but us for working on your flat sawing project in SeaTac. Our technicians are proven pros at flat sawing concrete surfaces and can be trusted for straight, clean, and smooth cutting.

To supplement their considerable skills, we have invested in the latest, most powerful machines:

  • Fitted with strong and sharp saw blades
  • Powered by gas, propane, diesel, hydraulic, or electric motors
  • With capabilities to penetrate up to 24 inches deep

Exterior Slab Sawing Services for SeaTac


Our technicians are very attentive while delivering exterior slab sawing services for SeaTac residents. Their focus is on making a precise cut and also ensuring that the structural integrity of the remaining concrete slab is not compromised at all.

Other features of our exterior slab sawing services that have resulted in our stellar reputation and our huge customer base include our:

  • Free estimates and affordable prices
  • On-time and within-budget job completion
  • Friendly customer service
  • Capability to take on jobs even in remote areas
  • Priority to 100% customer satisfaction

All our customers agree that they could not have chosen better exterior slab sawing experts, which is why we come highly recommended.

To discuss your flat sawing project in SeaTac, call Cascade Concrete Sawing & Drilling at 877-905-7478.