Slab Sawing Lewis County


Make Cascade Concrete Sawing & Drilling your first and only call for exterior slab sawing services in the Lewis County, WA area. Founded in 1980, our concrete cutting company has extensive experience in handling slab or flat sawing jobs that involve cutting horizontal flat surfaces.

Though concrete is a widely-used building material that is popular largely due to its amazing durability, situations can crop up where some modification is required in an installed concrete surface and it needs to be cut through.

Our expertise is not limited to concrete slab sawing. We maintain flat sawing capabilities for working on surfaces made of:

  • Pre-cast and steel-reinforced concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Stone
  • Metal

Trenching for utility installation, French drain construction, roadway repair, control joint cutting in freshly poured concrete, curb removal for a new driveway approach, and cutting decorative patterns into a concrete surface are some of the applications for which we offer exterior slab sawing services in Lewis County.

Flat Sawing Lewis County


Call us for flaw sawing concrete or any other hard surface on your property with full assurance of being served by some of the best-trained technicians in the industry. Our company has hand-picked a crew with in-depth knowledge, proven skills, and vast experience in various concrete cutting techniques.

Our experts ensure quick, seamless and hassle-free completion of the requested flat sawing work on your residential or commercial property by:

  • Taking a detail-oriented approach
  • Deploying advanced, powerful diamond cutting machines
  • Using proper protective gear and taking safety precautions

Choose us ahead of other contractors who handle flat sawing jobs in Lewis County with complete peace of mind that your project and property will be in reliable hands.

Exterior Slab Sawing Lewis County


While our technicians work diligently to deliver exterior slab sawing services that go beyond the highest industry standards, we strengthen their efforts by providing them with specialized saws to work with. We even have a machine with a flat saw blade that can cut up to 24” deep into a concrete, asphalt, metal, or stone surface.

The best thing about hiring us for exterior slab sawing services is that we:

  • Honor project deadlines
  • Protect the structural integrity of remaining slab
  • Work at competitive rates

We maintain 100% self-contained trucks that enable our technicians to reach even the most remote areas for exterior slab sawing in the Lewis County area.

Schedule Cascade Concrete Sawing & Drilling for flat sawing on your Lewis County property. We also specialize in wire sawing and wall sawing. Call (877) 905-7478.