Slab Sawing for Floors, Decks, and Pavement in Burien


Residential or commercial concrete slab removal or repair requires proper equipment and experienced technicians. If you are looking for such services, we can help.

We at Cascade Concrete Sawing & Drilling offer high-quality exterior slab sawing services in Burien, WA. We are a reliable and established company and work on concrete slab sawing projects such as:

  • Runway repairs
  • Re-pavement of parking lots
  • Removal of damaged or broken concrete slabs
  • Reach out to damaged water or sewer lines
  • Sawing for floors and decks

In addition to interior and exterior slab sawing services, we also provide wall sawing and core drilling services. Our motive is to provide the best services to our clients so that they call us for repeat services whenever required. We charge reasonably making it an inexpensive deal.

Flat Sawing for Concrete Repair, Removal or Construction in Burien


Whatever the reason for needing flat sawing in Burien, we can handle it. Our team of expert and specialist technicians can cut horizontal slabs in confined spaces such as bathrooms, decks or other areas with machines that can cut up to 24 inches deep. You can call us for flat sawing for:

  • Concrete repair
  • Removal
  • Construction

Our diamond equipped flat saw blade cuts the slab precisely to the depth required. If the job is more customized we have the right machinery and blades to handle those flat sawing projects too.

When we are your company for flat sawing services, you can be assured that you are receiving the best flat saw blade services in the area at the most affordable prices.

Exterior Slab Sawing Services for Burien


Having exterior slab sawing services handled by the experts is essential to ensure that the concrete slabs are cut precisely. When you work with an experienced company the chances of an incorrect cut or damage happening to the remaining structure is minimized.

When choosing the best company for exterior slab sawing serving Burien, you should consider the following aspects:

  • Professionalism
  • Precision
  • Priority
  • Pricing

When you choose us for exterior slab sawing services in Burien we offer all these and more.

If you are in need of flat sawing services in Burien and you are searching for the right company, call Cascade Concrete Sawing & Drilling at 877-905-7478.