Core Drilling for Everett Residential & Commercial Projects


Cascade Concrete Sawing & Drilling is one of the most respected and trusted names for concrete core drilling in Everett, WA. After setting up the business in 1980 to assist the construction industry by providing specialized concrete cutting, sawing and drilling services, we have strived to do work that measures up to the highest quality standards.

Our company has the skills and resources to complete all concrete coring jobs:

  • Swiftly
  • Precisely
  • Professionally
  • Reliably

We cater to concrete core drilling requirements in Everett on both residential and commercial projects with the utmost commitment to excellence. No job is too big or too small for our concrete coring company.

Because we invested in top-of-the-line equipment, we have a core drill machine to cut out holes as large as 60 inch diameter up to any depth in any concrete surface.

Concrete Coring for Everett Electrical & HVAC Applications


Unlike traditional methods of concrete removal, concrete coring helps to cut out circular sections from walls or slabs with great speed, optimal accuracy and minimal dust. The use of concrete core drilling methods also ensures that the structural integrity of the remaining slab or wall stays intact.

These features make concrete coring ideal for Everett properties that have some electrical or HVAC installation project lined up. Give us a call if you need big holes drilled into your concrete surfaces to allow for the installation of:

  • Conduit pipes for routing electric wiring
  • Air conditioning vents
  • Heating system ductwork

Some other applications for which we provide concrete coring services include plumbing installations, manhole construction and concrete sample testing. We have the entire concrete core drilling work done by our crew of well-trained and seasoned technicians.

Why Choose Us for Concrete Core Drilling in Everett?


Our outstanding workmanship in concrete coring has won us the trust and loyal patronage of property owners, builders, remodeling contractors, plumbing companies as well as electrical contractors.

However, this is not all that makes us the ideal company to choose for concrete core drilling in Everett. Other reasons behind our sustained success, large clientele and strong customer relationships include our:

  • Availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Ability to work in confined spaces
  • Belief in upfront pricing; we offer free and fair estimates
  • Past record of completing even the toughest jobs successfully
  • Reputation for honest, customer-oriented service

Dial (206) 701-9898 to discuss your concrete coring needs in Everett with the experts at Cascade Concrete Sawing & Drilling.