Concrete Grinding to Level Newcastle Concrete Floors


For any kind of concrete grinding or concrete floor repair services in Newcastle, WA, you can contact Cascade Concrete Sawing & Drilling. Since 1980, we have been serving the area’s people with concrete grinding services.

Our professionals are highly educated and experienced in concrete grinding for Newcastle, and this makes us one of the best service providers.

We offer services of concrete grinding for commercial and residential projects. We provide expert concrete grinding in Newcastle by using our 100% dustless method of concrete grinding. Our concrete grinding services include the leveling of concrete flaws of:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Warehouse slabs
  • Building complexes
  • Walkways

Quick and Effective Concrete Floor Repair in Newcastle


Our experienced professionals are skilled in the service of concrete floor repair in Newcastle. For floor grinding, we use a diamond segmented water cooled disc, which is grinded by using hydraulics or gasoline to eliminate dust production that is caused during concrete floor repair.

Concrete is one of the strongest construction materials, but still it can get damaged by wear and tear or exposure to other elements. So in any kind of concrete floor repair related issues, feel free to contact us. Before taking any decision about your concrete floor repair in Newcastle, you can consult with our professionals for guidance because:

  • All our concrete floor repair experts are customer friendly
  • They are capable of resolving any kind of concrete floor repair related issues
  • Our concrete floor repair is available 24/7
  • We are very prompt in our concrete floor repair service

Newcastle Concrete Grinding Services for Indoors and Outdoors


We are experienced in concrete grinding services and always try to provide the best quality concrete grinding services in Newcastle. With our concrete grinding services, you can level any type of rough surfaces that is caused due to abusive weather and corrosion.

Our concrete grinding services in Newcastle causes minimum disruption while grinding down uneven edges and high spots for both outdoors and indoors. Concrete grinding services are also helpful for the preparation of new floor coverings.

  • We have skilled professionals to handle concrete grinding services
  • We offer the best workmanship in concrete grinding services
  • You can schedule our concrete grinding services 24/7

Cascade Concrete Sawing & Drilling is one of the best providers of concrete grinding services in the Newcastle area. So for any kind of concrete floor repair or grinding requirement, you can contact us at 877-905-7478.