Ever need a precision-cut new doorway? Or how about a perfectly cut new window opening? Wall cutting is just one of the services we provide—but just what is it? In this blog, we’ll explore what wall sawing is and why you might need it.

So, what is wall sawing anyway?

Wall sawing is a type of concrete cutting into a concrete structure—such as a concrete wall—where precise cuts are very important. Wall sawing is different from core drilling, where the task is to cut a cylindrical hole to pass a pipe or cable through the wall.

Wall sawing, on the other hand, uses specific wall saws, hand saws, and other saw blades to make precise cuts at a variety of cutting depths. Using a diamond blade on a track system, a professional concrete cutter makes horizontal and vertical cuts into the sides of the wall. Sometimes sawing at steep inclines, they work hard to make perfect straight cuts and angular cuts, known as bevel cuts.

What and Who Is Wall Sawing for?

Often, wall sawing is used in construction projects to make a new doorway, a window opening, or an HVAC opening. A variety of people, from business owners to homeowners, may require a range of concrete cutting services. We strongly suggest hiring a qualified concrete cutting contractor. Not only do we have the tools—from track saws to flat saws—we also have the proper technique and safety protocols to do the job right.

What Kind of Tools Are Used on the Job?

A concrete cutter uses many tools to get the job done. Here are some of the common ones:

  • Electric-power or hydraulic-power hand saw. A variety of saws for a variety of needs. They can be equipped with circular diamond blades and can be very effective.
  • Flush cutting saw. When you need a straight line cutout of a flat piece of concrete, a flush cutting saw is the way to go.
  • Concrete chain saws. These saws are pretty versatile and can be used on a range of projects. They can work well when cutting through cinder blocks, concrete, brick, and more. And who doesn’t like a chain saw?
  • Track saw. An excellent tool for making long, precise cuts for windows and doorways. Because it cuts along a track, the line is perfectly straight for every single cut.

A Word on Safety and Skill

Many people like a good DIY project. We strongly suggest that you don’t make concrete wall sawing a DIY project. Wall sawing takes years of experience, knowledge of technique and safety protocols, and expensive tools to do the job.

Still, Some Will Still Want to DIY

We strongly suggest hiring a professional. But what are the pros and cons of doing it yourself? There are a few:

  • Pro: May be cheaper than hiring a professional. Saving money is a big pro. For some, savings is a motivator for the DIY approach. We respect that. If you know what you’re doing and can get the tools at a low cost, it could be cheaper to do it yourself.
  • Con: Steep learning curve. It’s difficult to operate heavy machinery and even more difficult to know the subtleties of cutting into concrete. Take this into account when deciding whether to hire out the work.
  • Con: Not as safe. Back to safety—a professional knows the dangers of concrete cutting and how to keep themselves—and others—safe. For this reason alone, we strongly suggest hiring a qualified concrete cutting contractor.

Why Hire a Pro?

It may be compelling to do it yourself, but why might you want to hire a professional? Just a few reasons:

  • Might actually be cheaper. It’s a little bit ironic, but the DIY approach may cost more in wasted time and materials. Hiring a professional equals efficiency.
  • We already have the tools and skills. It’s fun to learn a new skill, but sometimes it’s better just to have someone else do it. It saves time and effort. Plus, we like what we do. A DIY’er may find out that they don’t enjoy it all that much.

A Job Well-Done, On Time

If you’re still wondering whether you should hire out your wall sawing project or do it yourself, we’ll make a compelling case for hiring us: Concrete cutting and drilling is what we do—and we love it. And we work hard to get your project done on time, so you can relax and just enjoy the work we do for you.

To request a quote, simply contact us to tell us about your project. Or click “Request a Quote” from any page on our website.