Wall Sawing Concrete Cutting

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When you need precision vertical or horizontal cuts in concrete, wall sawing is the right choice.  Wall sawing creates openings for doorways, windows, air conditioning and ventilation units and can be done in confined spaces where larger equipment can’t be used.

Cascade Sawing and Drilling provides precision wall sawing, to quickly and accurately cut openings for doorways and other fixtures. Doing this yourself will take time and energy. We provide wall sawing for residential and commercial uses. Common spaces include bathrooms, basements or hard to access areas. Contact Cascade Sawing and Drilling for your wall sawing needs.

  • Deep concrete cutting for walls up to 24 inches
  • Fast concrete cutting that speeds up construction projects
  • Precision concrete cutting, so fixtures fit properly
  • Wall Sawing in confined spaces
  • Vertical and horizontal cuts for doorways, windows and more
  • Wall sawing for steep surfaces

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