Slab Sawing for Floors, Decks and Pavement in Gig Harbor


Concrete saws are the most commonly used methods to cut flat surfaces, such as floors, decks, and pavements. Unlike jack hammering, flat sawing:

  • Consumes less time
  • Does not make loud noises
  • Minimizes stress to the structural area

No matter the size of the project, we have solutions for all exterior slab sawing needs in Gig Harbor, WA. Let Cascade Concrete Sawing and Drilling handle your next concrete sawing project and you will not be disappointed.

By utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, we get the concrete sawing job done right the first time around. We can easily perform concrete sawing on commercial buildings or in homes with our cutting edge machines.

Our flat saw blade can make clean, straight cuts in concrete slabs.

Flat Sawing for Concrete Repair, Removal or Construction in Gig Harbor


Flat sawing has become a very sophisticated process. High powered, lightweight saw machines have improved production rates over the past few years. Flat sawing can eliminate the vibration and dust that comes with breaking up concrete surfaces.

If you need to cut a slab of concrete, call our sawing team today.

We offer fast, efficient flat sawing services to Gig Harbor clients. Our investment in the latest technology allows us to customize our flat sawing services to meet your unique needs.

Regardless the size or complexity of your flat sawing needs in Gig Harbor, we have got the manpower and machine to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our flat sawing services are perfect for:

  • Road repairs
  • Plumbing and electrical trenches
  • Concrete repair and restoration
  • Bridge deck removal
  • Structural floor openings

Exterior Slab Sawing Services for Gig Harbor


Sawing is a powerful and efficient way to cut trenches into your concrete. Most commonly used in exterior applications, sawing is ideal for road and bridge work.

Exterior slab sawing is performed for various purposes, such as:

  • Demolition purposes
  • Providing expansion joints
  • Cleaning and preparing concrete for repair
  • Removing damaged sections before patching

We provide exterior slab sawing services to Gig Harbor residential and commercial clients. As a leader in the field of concrete sawing, we have proven to be a reliable and dependable company with our team and equipment always ready to handle the most challenging projects.

Our highly skilled and trained saw operators are experienced and ready to perform exterior slab sawing service for you.

For more information on our exterior slab sawing services for Gig Harbor clients, feel free to call Cascade Concrete Sawing and Drilling at 877-905-7478 today.