Slab Sawing for Floors, Decks and Pavement in Black Diamond


For a clean, quiet and effective way to cut concrete, look no further than our flat sawing services. Cascade Concrete Sawing & Drilling offers exterior slab sawing services in Black Diamond, WA and the surrounding areas.

Exterior slab sawing involves a diamond blade mounted on a walk-behind, which is designed to cut slab on:

  • Structural decks
  • Roadways
  • Floors
  • Pavements

Our exterior slab sawing equipment is capably of safely and efficiently cutting slabs. We have both the industry knowledge and experience you need with our highly trained, skilled saw operators.

Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment to handle any flat sawing job in Black Diamond. We pride ourselves on completing jobs to the highest safety standards.

Flat Sawing for Concrete Repair, Removal or Construction in Black Diamond


Flat sawing is becoming a popular technique in the concrete cutting industry because it offers:

  • Versatility
  • Practicality
  • Cost-effectiveness

Slab saws can be powered either by diesel, gasoline or electricity. Unlike jack hammering, flat sawing puts let stress on structural areas. The applications for this technique are virtually limitless and can be performed on many different structures, both exterior and interior.

If you are looking to repair or remove a slab of concrete, call our flat sawing team in Black Diamond. We can make neat, straight cuts in all kinds of concrete.

Do not leave your property in the hands of inexperienced people with subpar equipment. An inferior sawing job can risk the safety of you and your property.

Exterior Slab Sawing Services for Black Diamond


Concrete is a hard substance, which is why it needs to be cut with something even harder. Diamond cutting methods are one of the best ways to modify concrete slabs and that just so happens to be the method we specialize in.

For years, we have been the area's choice for exterior slab sawing services in Black Diamond and the nearby areas. Our well-maintained sawing equipment allows us to handle just about any sized job, whether big or small.

Our self-contained trucks can meet all of your exterior slab sawing needs even in the most remote areas. Some of the reasons to choose us for your flat sawing needs include our:

  • Commitment to treating your project like our own
  • On-time and on-budget services
  • FREE, honest estimates

To know more about our concrete slab sawing services for Black Diamond property owners, feel free to call Cascade Concrete Sawing & Drilling at 877-905-7478.