Radar Imaging • Concrete Cutting


In construction, the ability to see what is in the concrete slabs and walls can be most helpful.   Knowing the position and depth of reinforcing steel, post-tension and pre-stressed cables can be invaluable when cutting or coring through concrete.

In using Cascade Concrete Sawing & Drilling’s Concrete Penetrating Radar service, we can safely and accurately find and clearly plot targets below the surface of concrete.  Both metallic and non-metallic objects are detected and mapped.

Radar imaging is accomplished by sending a pulse of energy at a below-surface “target” and recording the strength and the time required for the return of the signal. Through a series of sent and returned signals over a specific area provides a digital window to view below the surface.

Knowing where these objects are prior to sawing or drilling of concrete can assist to eliminate the possibility of a timely and costly delay with your project. Start your project off right by knowing what you are cutting into with no unexpected surprises.

By using Concrete Penetrating Radar, Cascade is able to provide a real time and clear “subsurface image” of targets within concrete including:

  • Electrical conduits
  • Natural gas and water lines
  • Sewer lines
  • Rebar
  • Pre stressed cables
  • Communication conduits

Radar Imaging:

  • Is an easy and effective way to locate obstructions before cutting or coring concrete
  • Only requires access to one side of the wall or slab
  • Faster, less expensive and safer than using hazardous X-Rays

For more information on your Concrete Penetrating Radar Image needs contact Cascade and one of our sawing and drilling professionals will assist you.