Exterior Slab Saw Slab Sawing

Slab sawing, also referred to as flat slab sawing, is one of the most commonly used diamond cutting methods. It is an efficient means of modifying concrete slabs and roadways. These saws are typically used to cut horizontal flat surfaces such as floor, bridge deck, asphalt and concrete pavement, wall or slab.

The slab sawing process features a diamond blade mounted on a walk behind machine. These machines are powered by gas, diesel, propane, hydraulic, 110V and 480V electric motors. For larger flat sawing projects Cascade uses its diesel over hydraulic ride on saw.

Cascades investment in concrete cutting edge technology allows us to tailor our services to meet our customer’s specific needs.

Our highly trained sawing and coring technicians, using one of our specialized saws, can penetrate steel-reinforced or pre-cast concrete, asphalt, metal and stone up to 24” deep. With such a wide variety of equipment available to you, Cascade is able to perform on the simplest projects to the highly complex ones.

Exterior Slab Sawing is typically used in many areas of construction:

  • Control joint cutting in newly poured concrete slabs
  • Removal of damaged concrete and asphalt pavement sections
  • Exterior utility installation, upgrades and repairs
  • Demolition cutting for selective slab or wall removal
  • Curb, gutter and sidewalk cuts for new driveway approaches
  • French drains
  • Bridge deck repair
  • Highway and runway repair
  • Patio and pool deck reconstruction, repair and pour back
  • Architectural and decorative saw cutting of patterns

For over 30 years Cascade Concrete Sawing & Drilling has been your answer for flat sawing services in the Pacific Northwest. Our trucks are 100% self-contained, with water and power, and are able to handle all your sawing needs even in the most remote areas. From the top of a mountain pass, to the end of a concrete pier, Cascade has the equipment and personnel to complete your job on time.

You can trust the Pacific Northwest's Concrete Cutting Specialists to complete any of your cutting needs

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