Core Drilling for Tukwila Residential & Commercial Projects


Concrete core drilling is a technique that can drill holes through concrete surfaces to diameters up to 60 inches. This process can drill even within confined or restricted spaces. At Cascade Concrete Sawing and Drilling, we provide professional concrete core drilling services in Tukwila, WA and its surrounding areas.

We use the latest machinery to drill precise circular holes, which are perfect for a variety of utility installations. Coring is also a great solution to provide a concrete sample for testing purposes, enabling assessments for structural integrity and possible deterioration.

Our concrete coring company is trusted by many:

  • Residential homeowners
  • Commercial property owners
  • Local builders
  • Contractors

Concrete Coring for Tukwila Electrical & HVAC Applications


Concrete coring can be performed both vertically and horizontally through concrete walls and floorings. Used in applications that require cylinder cut-outs at precise depths and diameters, concrete coring is great for both exterior and interior drilling projects.

Some of the benefits of this technique include:

  • Generates no dust or fumes
  • Has low noise output
  • Creates accurate openings

For a fast, reliable and cost-effective concrete coring service in Tukwila, come to us. We utilize proven techniques to meet the goals of your commercial or residential concrete coring project in Tukwila. Our state-of-the-art equipment has the capability to provide the results you desire for your project. It is the training and knowledge of our team that has helped us become one of the premier concrete cutting companies in the area.

Why Choose Us for Concrete Core Drilling in Tukwila?


Concrete core drilling is one of the cleanest, fastest and most accurate ways to drill holes. It can be performed in walls and slabs at any angle.

The process of concrete core drilling helps to:

  • Eliminate the need for jackhammers
  • Reduce project and labor costs
  • Keep the surrounding structure intact

We offer our concrete coring services for projects requiring precise circular cuts. Holes of any desired diameter are drilled to make room for electrical, plumbing, phone line and HVAC installations.

Our team is equipped with drills in a range of sizes and shapes to handle concrete core drilling jobs in Tukwila both big and small. Regardless of the situation or environment, count on us to perform an excellent coring job that meets and exceeds expectations.

To know more about our concrete coring services in Tukwila or to schedule a FREE estimate, call Cascade Concrete Sawing and Drilling on (206) 701-9898 today.