Core Drilling for Seattle Residential & Commercial Projects


Since 1980, Cascade Concrete Sawing and Drilling has been the name to rely on for concrete core drilling services in Seattle, WA.There are several projects that call for concrete coring or cutting a hole of specific diameter out of any vertical or horizontal concrete surface.

The most common applications of concrete core drilling generally include:

  • Installation of HVAC equipment
  • Creation of manholes
  • Correcting construction issues
  • Creating passage for plumbing pipes and electrical wires

Another important job that calls for professional concrete cutting and coring is for extracting a sample to facilitate concrete testing. We are equipped to provide concrete core drilling services in Seattle for diverse projects. Our company caters to both residential and commercial concrete coring requirements.

Concrete Coring for Seattle Electrical & HVAC Applications


We have a well-deserved reputation for completing all big and small concrete coring jobs with seamless workmanship. Whether our services are sought for facilitating electrical installations in an industrial facility or to assist in an HVAC project in a home, customers can count on us to drill out precise holes in whichever concrete slab we have to drill.

No job is too big and important or too small and insignificant for us. Our company places a high premium on quality and takes pride in surpassing the highest industry standards while delivering concrete coring services for Seattle residents.

To be sure of high precision work, we put well-trained technicians on the job and ensure they are:

  • Diligent and pay keen attention to the minutest detail
  • Following our thought-out concrete core drilling procedure
  • Using a powerful and efficient core drill machine

Why Choose Us for Concrete Core Drilling in Seattle?


Concrete cutting and coring are highly specialized tasks. The capabilities of the technicians you hire for concrete coring can have a big impact not only on the project for which the coring is required, but also on the structural integrity and aesthetics of the concrete surface.

Make us your first and only call for concrete core drilling work in Seattle. With its skilled crew and cutting-edge equipment, our concrete coring company provides flawless services. Additional reason to choose our concrete core drilling specialists are their:

  • Thoroughly professional conduct
  • Gracious customer service
  • Quick job completion
  • 24/7 availability
  • Competitive prices, with free estimates

When you need concrete coring services in Seattle, look no further than Cascade Concrete Sawing and Drilling. Dial (206) 701-9898 to talk to our experts.