Core Drilling for Lakewood Residential & Commercial Projects


Founded in 1980, Cascade Concrete Sawing & Drilling has worked hard and grown to become one of the most trusted choices for concrete core drilling services in the Lakewood, WA area. We cater to residential as well as commercial customers, as there is no concrete coring project that is beyond our capabilities.

Our concrete coring company has completed countless drilling projects successfully and helped our wide-ranging clients move their construction projects forward. Our concrete core drilling services are commonly hired to cut holes from slabs, walls, etc. in order to

  • Create manholes
  • Install HVAC systems
  • Lay down plumbing and electrical lines
  • Get core samples for testing
  • Correct construction errors

No matter the reason we perform concrete core drilling on a Lakewood property, we make sure that the work is of the highest quality and precision.

Concrete Coring for Lakewood Electrical & HVAC Applications


Great speed and accuracy when cutting out circular pieces from a concrete surface of any density are the key features of a concrete core drilling procedure. Concrete coring also gets the job done with minimal dust and without disturbing the structural integrity of rest of the surface the core is cut out from.

These factors make concrete coring a better option than traditional concrete removal methods for electrical and HVAC applications. That's why we offer our expert services for concrete coring in Lakewood.

With our help, concrete coring can expedite the installation of:

  • Heating system ductwork
  • Air conditioning vents
  • Electrical wiring

We have highly skilled, experienced technicians to handle the concrete cutting and coring project. To support their expertise, we maintain state-of-the-art equipment that includes a powerful core drill machine to cut holes up to 60 inches diameter.

Why Choose Us for Concrete Core Drilling in Lakewood?


The capabilities and professionalism of the company you choose for concrete core drilling services in Lakewood will have a major impact on your construction or remodeling project. If you want your concrete project to be done on time and without damaging your existing property, make sure to hire the right people with the best concrete cutting services.

Let us handle your concrete coring needs. We combine a skillful crew and cutting-edge machinery with a commitment to excellence in every aspect of the job. Other things that make us a good choice for your concrete core drilling job include our:

  • Ability to work in confined areas
  • 24/7 availability
  • Gracious customer service
  • Competitive prices

To hire Cascade Concrete Sawing Y Drilling for concrete coring services in Lakewood, call (206) 701-9898.