Core Drilling Concrete Core Drilling

Do you need a core sample of a concrete structure to test for structural integrity? Core drilling offers a clean, fast and accurate way to drill holes. Core drilling can also be done for a number of applications, to include electrical, phone, HVAC and plumbing. Core drilling speeds up a project. Drilling is done faster, so residential, commercial and industrial utilities can be installed.

Core drilling penetrates through concrete walls and slabs. Cascade Concrete Sawing and Drilling offers an excellent core drilling service. When you need holes for plumbing, manholes, electrical lines or other uses, no one beats our core drilling service.


  • Creates accurate openings for plumbing and electrical lines
  • Fast penetration through concrete structures
  • Provides project flexibility in case of construction problems
  • Can be done in confined spaces
  • Core drilling for any depth and concrete surface
  • Large diameter holes up to 60 inches

For clean, fast and accurate drilling choose our core drilling service.

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core-drilling-60-inch-core-bit-seattle-wa Core Drilling